The Flume Gorge

Franconia State Park. Lincoln, NH

Franconia State Park. Lincoln, NH

Mobile Photo Awards Contest

Sunrise Lake Sunapee

The photo that I took in Sunapee Harbor made Honorable Mention in the Mobile Photo Awards Contest and will be on display at the MPA premiere at the SOHO GALLERY FOR DIGITAL ART in NYC from February 22-28, 2013. I am truly honored.


The buttercups with shining face
Smile upward as I pass.
They seem to lighten all the place
Like sunshine in the grass.
And though not glad nor gay was I
When first they came in view;
I find when I have passed them by,
That I am smiling, too. buttercups
– Sarah J. Day.

Prohdr and snapseed apps

Step into my World

Step into my world and see for a few moments my view, my idea of life.
See the world through my vision and feelings.
Let me stir your deepest feelings, let me touch your heart.
See the vision of beauty and hear the song of the words,
and I will have achieved my goal of teaching you
My Idea Of Life!   ~
Edwina K. Brady ~