This duck just kept swimming around our boat and as the sun was going down I liked the light and the reflection of the clouds on the water so at the risk of losing my phone in the water I dropped my hand low and took several pictures as the duck swam by. I used the camera + app to take the picture with hardly any editing.


Covered Bridge

There is something about a covered bridge that draws you in to take pictures of them. This 2 picture series I took with camera+ used the clarity to edit in camera+. I downloaded a new photo editing app called PhotoPower and used that to do the rest of the edits.

Beautiful On Top

It was a beautiful day for hiking up a mountain yesterday. The sun was shining, there was a nice breeze and perfect to take pictures with my iPhone. Here you can see my hiking partners and the breathtaking view when we got to the top. Camera+ and Perfectly Clear apps.